Audiencerate, Azerion partner to boost data compliance

audiencerate, azerion partner on compliance

Audiencerate, the identity hub enabling compliant data-driven advertising, and Azerion, the digital gaming and monetisation technology company, have announced a partnership to offer advertising buyers an easy-to-access, pre-packaged approach, with full data compliance. 

In addition, the partnership will develop a cookieless targeting solution, which leverages both proprietary and best-in-class third-party technologies.

Audiencerate and Azerion

The integration of Audiencerate’s privacy compliant data to Azerion’s programmatic platform (Improve Digital) is a first for the sell-side and will see Audiencerate leverage the broad sales presence of Azerion’s 19 global offices to expand its European footprint. 

Azerion will in turn use Audiencerate’s technology to guarantee an uplift in data match rate for buyers on its platforms, while shortening the chain between data and media. 

Nicolò Palestino, Country Manager Italy at Azerion said: “We are at a very interesting point in the industry with many changes incoming. 

“Through this partnership, Audiencerate’s impressive technology will add several new scenarios to Azerion’s portfolio of digital advertising products. 

“Today we can offer advertisers and agencies a set of future-proof data solutions that place us in a unique position and we’re confident that this is only the beginning.” 

Filippo Gramigna, CEO at Audiencerate said: “This new partnership is an ideal next step for Audiencerate as we continue to develop solutions to the challenges of a cookieless future. 

“By integrating our 100% privacy compliant data to Azerion’s programmatic platform (Improve Digital) on the supply-side, we will be making the life of buyers easier through a streamlined, pre-packaged approach. 

“Additionally, we will soon be able to use a unified first party ID to expand the partnership even further and make it future proof.”

This partnership marks the continued evolution of Audiencerate, whose proprietary technology helps to connect agencies, brands and data platforms, and is making broad strides in the onboarding of all manner of data, while maintaining their commitment to full data privacy compliance around the world.