Audiencerate and LiveIntent join forces to develop email audiences


Audiencerate, the identity hub enabling compliant data-driven advertising, has announced a partnership with LiveIntent, a people-based marketing technology platform and email marketing platform.

The aim is to bring advertisers and marketers more performant audiences: audiences built in email and delivered to the web.

Audiencerate and LiveIntent

The partnership will allow marketers to access LiveIntent’s full audience taxonomy in the DV360 open marketplace for programmatic campaign activation via the Audiencerate proprietary data onboarding platform. 

With Audiencerate, who is one of the few licensees integrated into Google programmatic products — inclusive ofDV360 and GAM — with direct access to both open market and private deals, this new offering opens up access to high quality audiences via an established, widely trusted and utilised framework.

Brands, agencies, marketers, and advertisers will be able to engage with highly performant email audiences outside of the email channel as part of their wider digital and programmatic campaigns. 

These marketers will benefit from Audiencerate’s best-in class match rates — up to 90% — and fast audience synchronisation in 6 to 24 hours.

Jon DeGennaro, SVP Identity Solutions & Strategic Partnerships at LiveIntent said: “Email is the workhorse of CRM and consistently the top performing channel for marketers. 

“This partnership brings all the confidence that marketers have in their email campaign’s intent, targetability, and addressability to the web. 

“As consumers live their lives across devices, channels, and platforms, LiveIntent and Audiencerate are empowering marketers to speak to them consistently across these ecosystems by bringing  these audiences to the web and major platforms like DV360. 

“It represents the future of a truly people-based marketing program that spans device, channel, and platform.”

Filippo Gramigna, CEO of Audiencerate, said: “Audiencerate’s proprietary data onboarding platform was designed to bridge the gap between data providers, agencies and brands through data-driven targeting and attribution; through our partnership with LiveIntent we can now deliver the audiences that perform in email to the web via our Google integration.

“With email still prevailing as the number one channel for marketers, carrying an incredibly high ROI of $42 per dollar spent, brands and advertisers across a diverse range of industries have long sought to bring this high-level, proven performance to their wider, web based campaigns.”

The announcement follows on from Audiencerate’s partnerships with sell-side provider PubMatic and identity resolution provider as the company continues to expand its data and audience provisions to support partners, and brands across the advertising ecosystem during its shift towards post-cookie solutions and more audience-focused approaches.