Audi and Jorja Smith drive ‘progress’ in new BBH London creative

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Audi UK and BBH London are bringing the story of progress to life in their latest campaign with BRIT award-winning singer/songwriter Jorja Smith.

Audi’s narrative comes alive for a UK audience in its new hero film starring Audi’s all-electric RS e-tron GT.

Audi and Jorja Smith

Reaching across multiple touchpoints, the ‘Driven by Progress’ campaign tells Audi’s electric vehicle leadership story, drawing parallels with the pivotal moments in the progress of Jorja Smith’s artistic life.

It presents Audi in an entirely new way in the UK, by partnering with a well-known local storyteller and creator to capture stories of pioneering progress.

Having launched 5 July 2023, the hero film – running across video-on-demand, social, print, digital and in cinemas – tells the story of how Jorja Smith forged her own progressive path as an artist and musician, mirroring her values with the narrative of Audi ‘Living Progress’ philosophy.


Dramatising Jorja Smith’s story of progress, as she drives the beautiful Audi RS e-tron GT, she encounters herself in significant moments in her creative journey, from buying her first musical instrument as a child, to writing lyrics during breaks while working as a barista as a teenager – taking every opportunity to craft her sound and break into the music industry her own way.

The film concludes as she encounters an accomplished present-day self; but in the spirit of progress, Jorja isn’t content to rest and continues to drive, to keep pursuing her ambitions, aligning to Audi’s own ongoing pursuit to constantly innovate through their premium electric cars and technology.

Providing the perfect soundtrack to the film is Jorja Smith’s own recently released single ‘Try Me’, available now via her independent label, FAMM.

The campaign complements Audi’s global approach that used storytellers like Stella McCartney, Janelle Monáe, and Tom Hardy to bring the ‘Living Progress’ narrative alive, enhancing Audi’s EV leadership story with personal progress stories.

Tony Moore, Head of Marketing Audi UK, said: “Whether you’re designing for the future of electric mobility, or creating beautiful, artistically fulfilling music, it’s the restless, progressive mindset that leads to innovation.

“We see this on our cars – and in Jorja’s phenomenal talent and output. We’re absolutely thrilled to have Jorja on board to tell our latest story of progress for our UK audience.”

Felipe Guimaraes, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH, said: “Great collaborations are built on shared vision and values and this is a great example of just that.

“The spirit of innovation in the way that Jorja creates music is in sync with the progressive vision of Audi.”