Aston Martin enters SUV market with DBX


Now listen up 007, because luxury UK car brand Aston Martin has marked its entry into the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) market with the launch of the DBX.

The company, whose high performance sports cars are favourite by the likes of top British fictional spies such as James Bond, said the move was a “bold new chapter and a landmark moment” in its illustrious 106-year history.

Four year development

The culmination of an extensive development programme that began with physical testing in Wales last year and virtual development stretching back to 2015, DBX signals a new era in Aston Martin’s pursuit to deliver exceptional performance, style and usability in a segment previously unexplored by the world-famous manufacturer.

Bringing both the versatility and indulgence expected of a luxury SUV with sports car levels of dynamic performance, DBX sets a bold new standard in this sector.

The new model will retail at 158,000 and Aston Martin hopes it will propel the brand to new heights worldwide.

“I can’t emphasise enough how incredibly exciting and significant DBX is for Aston Martin”, Aston Martin Lagonda President & Group CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer said.

“Through its development alone, this beautiful SUV has already taken the company into new territories and in inspiring directions.

Big ideas: No expense spared in Aston Martin’s DBX SUV

Key moment

“DBX also marks a key moment in the delivery of the third and final phase of our Second Century Plan, not only representing the promised expansion of our portfolio but also signalling the start of production at Aston Martin’s second manufacturing plant.” With a name like Aston Martin, one expects a certain level of sophistication from their manufacturing and machining processes. Facilities and centers concerned with such production will likely want to adopt the latest technologies available to the sector and so may be interested in something like the solution highlighted in this article – Professionals in the industry would do well to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

“We have both delivered this model through our expertise, but also by garnering invaluable experience and knowledge from external counsel, including our Female Advisory Board.

“This is a real landmark for this great British brand and I promise that DBX will reward all who experience it in their everyday lives.”

Welsh production

Set to be built in Aston Martin’s purpose-built manufacturing facility in St Athan, Wales, the foundation of DBX is a new dedicated SUV platform, something rarely seen across the sector, the firm said.

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More than ever before, it added, this clean sheet of paper has allowed all departments within Aston Martin to innovate and push the boundaries of what British design and engineering can create, resulting in a truly remarkable product.

Utilising bonded aluminium, a construction method Aston Martin has refined through the development of its sports cars, the body structure is both very light and incredibly stiff, assisting in the delivery of an overall kerb-weight of 2,245kg.

Right from its genesis, the firm said the SUV was designed to allow maximum room in the cabin, putting a premium on refinement and class leading spaciousness for both front and rear occupants.

Meanwhile, the exceptional stiffness inherent in the design of the new platform has also enabled DBX to achieve exceptional dynamics both on and off-road.

“DBX is a car that will give many people their first experience of Aston Martin ownership” Palmer added.

“As such it needed to be true to the core values established in our sports cars, while also providing the lifestyle versatility expected of a luxury SUV.

“To have produced such a beautiful, hand built, yet technologically advanced car is a proud moment for Aston Martin.”

There is no suggestion the new vehicle will include ejector seat buttons to jettison unwelcome passengers, as Bond’s famous DB5 had.