Asthma + Lung UK launches first brand advertising campaign

asthma + lung uk campaign breath is life

The country’s leading lung charity Asthma + Lung UK has launched Breath is Life, an integrated advertising campaign that will feature on You Tube, radio, across social media and on digital posters. 

It aims to highlight the importance of breath and how integral it is to every part of life

Asthma + Lung UK

Asthma + Lung UK rebranded from Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation at the end of February with an eye-catching pink and orange logo and a new strategy to change Britain’s poor record on lung health by challenging misconceptions about lung conditions, driving greater investment into respiratory research, and campaigning for cleaner air and better access to care.

Part of a two-pronged marketing approach to improve the lives of the 12 million people who will get a lung condition in their lifetime, the “Breath Is Life” campaign seeks to cement the charity’s new brand and show why breathing is fundamental to all and worth fighting for.

The marketing communications strategy was led by Wake The Bear, with creative strategy and development by Miroma Group.

The advertising campaign comprises an evocative 30-second film showing a montage of monochrome clips of people using breath as part of their everyday lives, including an athlete about to start a race, a girl blowing bubbles, a couple kissing, an old man dancing, and a baby taking its first breath, which will feature on YouTube and other social media channels.

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Similar creative executives will appear on digital outdoor billboards in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, while a radio advert will feature a 15 second poem about breath by spoken word artist Kat Francois, ending with the payoff line: Breath is life, and it’s worth fighting for.

Sarah Woolnough, CEO of Asthma + Lung UK said: “Breath is Life is a powerful and positive campaign that will help people to connect with our new brand and to start to take lung health more seriously. 

“Everyone needs breath to live their lives, and these adverts are an inspiring but visceral way of making that point.

“Our campaign highlights the link between breathing and all aspects of being alive, and the right to breathe freely applies to everyone, regardless of income, age, ethnicity, gender, or background. 

“We want to reach even more people with these adverts, including those that don’t have a lung condition but might be concerned about the impact that air pollution, for instance, can have on their health.

“With our eye-catching new look, important strategy and unforgettable Breath is Life campaign, we are determined to fight for a world where everyone has healthy lungs, by campaigning for more research into lung conditions, cleaner air and better access to diagnosis and treatment.”

Abigail Morrish York, Director at WTB, said “Respiratory health is significantly underfunded versus the sheer volume of people affected by lung related conditions in the UK, and we needed to make a strategic shift to ensure Asthma + Lung UK gets the funding, focus and attention it both needs and deserves. 

“This process started over six months ago by identifying key audience segmentation which enabled us to really lay the ground to tell the story that would drive real behaviour change”

Marc Nohr, executive director of agencies at Miroma Group, added: “This campaign is all about an urgent call to take lung health seriously. It does this by reframing lung health in terms of breath – because without it, there can be no life.

“We wanted to move away from the traditional style of charity advertising and focus on the cause and condition. Our approach was to highlight the centrality of breath in every aspect of living – from sport to music, sex to birth. 

“It’s an uplifting celebration of breath’s life-giving qualities. But, by extension, it’s a powerful argument that our right to breathe must be protected at all costs. It ultimately supercharges the importance of respiratory health in the public consciousness.

Asthma + Lung UK has created a new ‘Breath is Life’ landing page to allow people to find out more about the charity and its work here.