Aryel launches first of its kind 3D and AR banner ads

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Aryel, a leading platform for immersive Augmented Reality (AR) display ads, today launched its bespoke display advertising toolkit Ad Creative Solutions.

The breakthrough technology harnesses the potential of AR directly within website banners, allowing advertisers to capture attention through providing engaging user experiences while utilising profound analytical insights to optimise their campaigns.

Through uniting cutting-edge AR technology with strategic insights, brands can provide captivating and informative experiences to make the most of the upcoming holidays: Halloween (31 October), Black Friday (24 November), Cyber Monday (27 November), and Christmas (25 December).

Ad Creative Solutions offers ad formats fit for a variety of purposes, the company said. These sophisticated offerings are distributable via both direct buy and programmatic channels, enabling brands to:

Create detailed 3D and AR product exploration directly within website banners.

Harness Virtual Showroom Display Ads to align with cutting-edge retail and e-commerce innovation.

Enhance engagement and gather zero-party data (information shared proactively by the user) on user preferences through interactive themed activities, AR Games and Quizzes.

Harness Camera Effects and AR Filters to transform passive ad consumption into an active, memorable experience.

“Advertisers, leveraging Aryel Ads Manager and the Ad Creative Solutions, are able to gather detailed data on facial characteristics and users’ emotional states”, said Amira Di Costanzo, Head of Marketing at Aryel.

“All while operating with full transparency and in compliance with privacy regulations.

“This valuable layer of data enriches existing resources, allowing for more informed strategic decisions.”

“This technology represents a true innovation, leading to a significant improvement in performance.

“In transitioning from standard display ads to immersive advertising experiences, we’ve seen a rise in CTR to 2.7%, a result notably higher than the industry average of 0.4%.”