Aryel launches Ads Manager AR display ad solution


Aryel, the global Augmented Reality (AR) marketing platform, today launched its new display advertising technology Ads Manager.

The innovative solution elevates user behaviour analysis to new levels of precision and detail, providing marketers with comprehensive data to maximise the impact of their campaigns while delivering engaging user experiences.

Aryel AR

The launch of the new product comes as part of Aryel’s continuing mission to revolutionise and redefine display advertising through AR; unlocking a host of new possibilities for marketers to tailor their campaigns.

“We’re talking about next-level Ad Creative Solutions,” says Mattia Salvi, CEO and Co-Founder at Aryel.

“Imagine the allure of Virtual Try-Ons, the tangibility of 3D Product Visualisations, and the sheer fun of AR Game & Quiz ads – all within the banner itself. It’s a win-win, for both publishers and advertisers.”

By utilising unique data such as facial characteristics, emotional responses, dwell time on ad, and detailed product heat maps, the solution enables advertisers to understand users at levels never seen before.

This information is collected in full compliance with privacy regulations and with total transparency to the user, and provides key insights for creating targeted and impactful campaigns.

With Ads Manager, marketers can effortlessly design experiences in AR, 3D, or immersive 360 environments reminiscent of VR, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

These experiences come to life directly within the banner ads, avoiding external clicks by the users.

These zero-click-out ad experiences ensure that publishers retain valuable traffic by streamlining user journeys and enhancing engagement.

Aryel’s first Immersive Rich Media campaigns deployed for companies including Inter, Cusqueña, Marcolin, and Tod’s resulted in a significant increase in performance over traditional advertising formats, with an average interaction rate of 20%, average dwell time spent on ad experiences exceeding 30 seconds, and a 25-fold increase in click-through rates.

Aryel allows the relevant ad tags of creatives to be exported, and media buying to be managed independently in reservations through companies such as Teads, Locala and RCS Cairo Media, and in programmatic on major DSPs such as Google Display & Video 360 and Adform.