Artisan Drinks stirs it up in debut consumer campaign by Iconic


The Artisan Drinks Company, the fast-growing brand that’s shaking up the stagnant mixer market, is challenging audiences to put more thought into what they add to their favourite spirits in a new creative campaign.

It is the first advertising to appear since Artisan Drinks appointed James Kirkham’s startup Iconic, a full service agency, and entertainment company, briefed with the task of developing a new marketing strategy and creative platform.

Artisan Drinks campaign

The campaign aims to get consumers to pause next time they reach for their default mixer brand. To achieve this, it uses bold colours and simple copy to ask “WHY?” they are violating, ruining and tainting their drinks, when they could be vindicating, reinventing and transforming them with Artisan Drinks.

It breaks this week on OOH sites throughout the UK via Ocean Outdoor, and runs for four weeks. Iconic will also be amplifying reach and presence moving through the rest of the year through social, PR and Partnerships.

Artisan Drinks are known as “The Iconic Tonic” for its range of mixers, comprising seven incredible tonic flavours, along with Fiery Ginger Beer, Bubbly Soda Water and Barrel Smoked Cola, which pairs perfectly with whisky.

The brand also stands out with its distinct labels, and for being the first available in a 200ml can – the perfect pour size.

In 2022, Artisan Drinks sold one of its mixers every 10 seconds, and it has ambitious plans for the future.

Steve Cooper, founder of Artisan Drinks, said: “Last year was a big year for us, growing over 160% vs 2021; we’re looking to really capitalise on that this year by partnering with Iconic to get our message across to the masses. We’re really excited about where this partnership can take us.”

James Kirkham, founder of Iconic, said: “We are working with Artisan Drinks because they want to create true cultural impact, and add meaningful work to a category conversation.

“There is an excited audience here who are currently under-served, and who have the desire to want something different; Iconic will be working hard to satisfy this appetite of this modern consumer and in doing so help imprint Artisan Drinks onto the fabric of culture.”

Kirkham is known for being Chief Business Officer at Copa90 and the founder of pioneering digital agency Holler, as well as previously global head of social and mobile at Leo Burnett.

He launched Iconic in 2022, as a full-service agency and entertainment company which gives brands a queue jump to the front of popular culture.

The Artisan Drinks Company was created in 2018 by Cooper, who has a background as a drinks entrepreneur, along with Alan Walsh, an artist and gallery owner, and Mikey Enwright, part of the team behind Sydney’s legendary bar The Barber Shop, among other ventures.

Walsh has developed the brand’s distinctive label designs, while Enwright is behind its distinct tonic flavours, which are created to pair with a wide range of spirits, not just gin.