Are you my brand?: Purple Tuesday partners with Wunderman Thompson


Integrated marketing agency Wunderman Thompson has partnered with global accessibility initiative Purple Tuesday to create a call to action from disabled people to all organisations.

If you haven’t heard of the Purple Pound, you probably should. The consumer spending power of disabled people and their families stands at a staggering $13 trillion worldwide, and it’s a figure that’s rising at 14% per year.

Despite this, fewer than 10% of businesses have a strategy to tap into this consumer group.

Purple Tuesday

Purple Tuesday is a global social movement and the number one brand for improving the customer experience for disabled people, anchored in the lived experience of disabled customers, the issues they face every day, and the solutions needed.

It’s more than just a brand, it’s also a celebratory day that promotes accessibility and inclusivity.

Last year’s Purple Tuesday reached 23 million people globally, garnering over 6,000 participating organisations and 7,000 commitments from companies to improve.

This year, Wunderman Thompson has partnered with the organisation to create a Piccadilly Lights takeover, which airs today (7 November) and give often unseen disabled consumers a spot on the largest out-of-home site in Europe.

The spot will highlight the power of the Purple Pound, and challenge organisations with Purple Tuesday ambassadors asking: ‘Are you my brand?’

Purple Tuesday first approached Wunderman Thompson through its employee resource group, Access All Areas (AAA), which exists to improve their work and workspaces for those with and without disabilities.

The film it has produced for Purple Tuesday spotlights the personal experience of disabled people and focuses on how shopping does, and should, make them feel.

Charlene Overend, Head of Business Partnerships at Purple Tuesday, said: “The Purple Tuesday Production is always a focal point of our annual celebrations so it’s vital that it has impact.

“This year we wanted a film that would bring into sharp focus how disabled people are often made to feel when interacting with businesses, with the aim of inspiring brands to do better.

“We love the result and would like to thank the team at Wunderman Thompson for their expertise in interpreting our vision and bringing it to life.”

Patrick Kane, Wunderman Thompson’s AAA lead, said: “We are proud to partner with Purple Tuesday for this important global awareness day.

“The film highlights the diverse group of people who live under the term ‘disabled’ across the world, and we are particularly proud to highlight the value of having diverse internal cultures that can create work both with and for those with disabilities.”