AppsFlyer taps leading Anti-Fraud expert Andreas Naumann


AppsFlyer today announced the appointment of Andreas Naumann as its anti-fraud evangelist.

Naumann is one of the most internationally renowned and knowledgeable experts in the field of mobile ad fraud and security, and brings over a decade of industry experience to AppsFlyer as it continues expanding its capabilities to prevent and protect against fraud.

Andreas Naumann

“Mobile ad fraud devours marketing budgets, contaminates performance data and can turn successful campaigns into losses”, said Naumann.

“AppsFlyer has an effective antidote on the market with Protect360, which combines real-time fraud protection with post-attribution detection”.

“I look forward to working with the team to make a great product even better.”

In his role as AppsFlyer’s Anti-Fraud Evangelist, Naumann will work to effectively combat ad fraud and continuously educate the industry on threats and solutions, in addition to contributing to the further development of AppsFlyer’s Protect360 product suite.

Naumann’s appointment comes at a crucial time for the mobile advertising industry, which is facing increasing challenges from heightened ad fraud activity, especially during the current economic conditions.

As a pioneer in the fight against ad fraud, AppsFlyer provides cutting-edge tools and the latest insights to protect businesses’ marketing investments.

Naumann’s appointment underscores AppsFlyer’s commitment to providing the most advanced measurement and marketing analytics solutions and ensuring a more fraud-free advertising ecosystem.

With more than ten years of experience in the field of fraud prevention at companies such as Zanox, Trademob and Glispa, among others, Naumann’s in-depth expertise analysing big data and recognising fraud patterns and tactics has made him one of the foremost authorities in the world.

Until October 2022, he headed the anti-fraud department at Adjust, a mobile measurement provider that was acquired by Applovin in February 2021. Naumann also serves as head and co-founder of the Coalition against Ad Fraud (CAAF).

A key part of Naumann’s role at AppsFlyer will be educational work to promote knowledge and sharing about ad fraud in mobile at large.

He will also spearhead new ways to innovate on fraud detection and prevention, and support AppsFlyer as the market leader continues its efforts to drive a safer and more transparent ecosystem.

“We are delighted that Andreas Naumann, an absolute top expert in the industry, is joining us,” said Gal Brill, General Manager, Beyond, AppsFlyer.

“His experience, knowledge and perspective will help us stay ahead of the ever-evolving fraud tactics and technologies.”