AppsFlyer sees in-app spend rise, despite 30% decline in downloads

Appyflyer data - Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke of Pixabay

Marketing measurement and experience platform, AppsFlyer, has released a new report that shows a rise in in-app spending, despite the fact there has been a fall in downloads.

While the UK may now be heading back under a COVID cloud, Black Friday arrived under more positive circumstances this year, with pandemic restrictions lifted in the UK and in-person shopping returning in force. 

This may explain why shopping app installs decreased 30% compared with 2020 figures – according to data provided by

AppsFlyer – with consumers apparently feeling more confident to return to the high street.

AppsFlyer reports spending increase

Despite the reduction in app installs, overall in-app spend increased by 12% compared to last year. 

During lockdown, UK consumers collectively saved almost £200 billion; the pent up consumer demand that built throughout a difficult period of restrictions is now being released with mobile apps facilitating purchase journeys by offering ease and convenience.

Encouragingly for mobile marketers, Black Friday is still a big draw for consumers and therefore continues to offer huge revenue opportunities. 

Appsflyer chart 3

Black Friday surge

While overall app installs dropped, they increased by 42% in the week leading up to Black Friday and by 56% on the day compared to the previous three-year average. 

In-app spend also increased by 138% on Black Friday, when compared to the same three-year period, indicating that one of the year’s major shopping events still generates huge customer engagement.

Appsflyer chart 2

This trend was echoed across Western Europe, with Germany recording the highest increase of overall Black Friday app installs at 65%, followed by the UK. France, Germany and Spain also saw a greater spend increase, 151%, 209%, and 195% respectively.

Paul Wright, Managing Director UK, France, MENA at AppsFlyer, said: “The lower overall rate of app downloads shouldn’t be a surprise considering they skyrocketed in 2020, when mobile commerce accounted for 64% of the world’s e-commerce sales; this year’s figures are a natural adjustment in comparison.

Appsflyer chart 1

“The overall increase in app installs and growing in-app spend during the Black Friday period is incredibly encouraging showing mobile marketers can generate significant revenue gains.

“It’s good news for mobile commerce in general; while the industry is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic and supply chain outage, consumer spending will likely stretch out with apps driving a large portion of sales. 

This means marketers should not wait to capitalise on this continued app engagement and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.”