AppsFlyer ranks mobile app campaign performance across markets


AppsFlyer today released its Country Index Report for 2023, an in-depth report on mobile app campaign performance across countries in the industry’s first geo-based ranking.

Insights and trends reveal how marketers can develop their mobile app strategy, highlighting regions with the highest returns to prioritise growth despite an economic slowdown.

Mobile app campaign performance 

The report ranked countries according to market maturity, user value and total number of installs on iOS and Android across categories, incorporating both gaming and non-gaming mobile apps.

In total, 18 tier one markets (such as the US and UK) appeared in 35% of high-performing placements, while tier two countries (40 overall including India and Vietnam) also fared well with 63%.

Tier three countries (such as Algeria and Uzbekistan), on the other hand, were ranked far behind with only 2% of placements.

Global rankings

The report identified some expected winners, such as the US, who dominated iOS gaming apps well ahead of South Korea and China.

Meanwhile, matters were less clear-cut when it came to Android, where India and Japan followed close behind the US.

Smaller micro trends saw Thailand taking first place in Action apps, and Colombia and Chile taking second and third place in Hypercasual games. Non-gaming verticals – less global than gaming but nevertheless with an extensive global footprint – also saw countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan perform well across Entertainment, Social, Finance, and Business apps.

Both India and the UK topped remarketing performance in Shopping and Casino categories.

“The report highlights how individual each market is – distinctions that are vital pieces of the puzzle when it comes to developing an effective marketing strategy, especially during an economic downturn,” said Paul Wright, GM Western Europe and MENAT at AppsFlyer.

“Rather than focus on siloed markets, the opportunity for global discovery is high allowing marketers to prioritise profitability and pinpoint geos with the highest potential returns.

“As well as across markets, the report also gives a deep dive into the most promising categories per market.

“In the UK, Gaming Advertisers would do well to focus their attention on popular categories such as Party, Tabletop, and Casino, whereas results from RPG and Strategy games indicate smaller audiences and therefore potentially fewer returns.

“Remarketing has seen particularly strong results in Casino games, making it a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with a committed audience.

“Insights such as these can make all the difference when it comes to boosting strongly performing assets, or diversifying across categories.”

UK snapshot


Specifically, the UK is considered a tier one market but struggles to lead in multiple categories: