AppsFlyer launches its Data Clean Room solution

data clean room appsflyer

AppsFlyer has just released its Data Clean Room solution, which it said is a secure and private environment for collaboration. 

The Data Clean Room is a core pillar of the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud, a trusted open platform for innovation that enhances the end-user experience while preserving their privacy.

Data Clean Room

AppsFlyer’s new solution enables app developers to securely join and produce insights based on their first-party data together with their marketing conversion data. 

As a result, app developers can accurately calculate and take informed actions on their marketing campaigns, thus increasing return on investment (ROI) while simultaneously preserving customer privacy.

“After a very successful closed beta, we are excited to release a key pillar of the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud,” said Edik Mitelman, General Manager, Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer. 

“Customers who utilise our Data Clean Room have been able to measure and optimise campaigns by using one, holistic multi-channel view of their marketing efforts while enabling them to comply with privacy and data regulations as well as platform guidelines.”

The Data Clean Room, by design, enables app developers to align with the privacy regulations they must adhere to. 

In addition, AppsFlyer has put stringent privacy measures in place to ensure that user privacy is preserved. 

App developers have full control over what data runs in the Data Clean Room, and can define their own business logic, compliance, and data governance, while leveraging additional privacy-preserving technologies.

“The Data Clean Room is the switch, allowing us to shed light and reclaim our ability to measure 100% of our campaign performance,” said Maxime Doussin, CTO, MWM. 

“This is crucial for our business since it allows us to keep on creating amazing user experiences while preserving their privacy.”

In December 2021, AppsFlyer announced its Privacy Cloud, a private environment for app developers and their partners to securely collaborate and perform analysis based on defined guidelines and configurations. 

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room is the first of many technological implementations within the Privacy Cloud vision. Other such technologies will include advanced Homomorphic Encryption (HE) and Private Set Intersection (PSI) in partnership with Intel, multi-party computation, differential privacy and Aggregated Conversion Modeling.

“The future of the internet is dependent on interoperability and collaboration of the entire ecosystem,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-founder, AppsFlyer. 

“The AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud’s mission is to enable this ecosystem collaboration to maximise customer experience, value, safety, and privacy.”