Anti-knife charity Steel Warriors appoints Lucky Generals to build brand


Steel Warriors, the charity that melts down knives taken off of London’s streets and recycles the steel to build outdoor gyms, has appointed London agency Lucky Generals to build its brand and drive further funding.

Awareness campaign

The agency will be briefed with creating an awareness campaign that will not only drive fame for the cause but will also rustle up new funding partnerships.

Lucky Generals previously introduced Steel Warriors to the Co-op, which has now promised to fund 20 new gyms across the UK.

The first opened this year in Ruskin Park in Lambeth in London.

Ending knife crime: Steel Warriors is challenging a very dangerous issue.

The Steel Warrior Gyms feature certified personal training instructors offering three training sessions each week for a variety of abilities.

The personal trainers also serve as ambassadors, offering mentorship and support to young people within the community.

Knife crime mission

Katie Lee, CEO at Lucky Generals, said: “The Generals and Warriors on a mission together to battle knife crime.

“With our collective energy and ambition, I hope we can make a real difference to such an important topic.”

Ben Wintour, Founder and CEO of Steel Warriors, added: “Lucky Generals have been instrumental in supporting our growth as a charity.

“We are incredibly grateful for their support helping us fight knife crime and we are confident that together, we can make a real difference.”