Andrex launches GoTime to help tackle the UK’s toilet training crisis


Loo-roll brand Andrex claims there’s a toilet training crisis in the UK and that, over the last decade, the age that kids leave nappies behind has risen from 12-18 months to 3-4 years

It also said that more than nine in 10 teachers have reported having at least one child in class who is not toilet trained.

Andrex campaign

To help people adopt healthier toileting habits and assist parents through the difficult stage of potty-training their kids, Andrex has launched a new educational platform called GoTime.

Featuring advice, tools, and personalised toilet training plans, parents and caregivers will find everything they need to educate their children in a fun and engaging way.

The GoTime app, available on iOS and Android, is an interactive storybook app designed for kids ages 3+yrs featuring a cast of cute characters including the Andrex puppy.

It’s all you need for toilet training, all in one place, approved by child experts, and totally free.

To drive awareness of GoTime, Andrex has released a new campaign, created by FCB London. The campaign centres on a series of online ads featuring UGC-style imagery and videos depicting the real-life struggles and successes of the toilet training journey.

The films are interspersed with graphic titles, emojis, animations and the illustrated characters that appear in the GoTime app.

The 30-scend ads will launch on YouTube, with shorter edits on TikTok and Facebook from today, 21 August, until 24 September with social running through to 31st December.

This latest campaign was devised and created by FCB London. The app concept, as well as product and character design and development was by PRELOADED. FCB London worked with RocketMill to launch the website.

Emma Drew, Head of Consumer Engagement at Kimberly Clark, said: “Andrex have been proudly taking care of Britain’s bottoms for over 80 years so GoTime felt like the perfect step for us.

“There are millions of parents who see toilet training as a stressful moment in family life, so we’ve created a one-stop shop that gives parents all they need to guide their children to confident happy toileting.

“We hope with GoTime, more parents will feel empowered to get started with toilet training and kids will feel confident going to the toilet on their own, just in time for school.”

Owen Lee, Chief Creative Officer at FCB London added: “A million school hours are lost each year because of disruption caused by kids that are not toilet trained properly.

“GoTime will give parents much-needed support which we hope will result in happier parents, healthier habits for children, and maybe even less stressed teachers!”

Hattie Foster, Strategy Director of PRELOADED added: “GoTime is uniquely designed to fit into the existing dynamic between child and caregiver by providing a playful twist on children’s storytime.

“It supports and motivates children as they learn and practice the core behaviours and skills that will build healthy hygiene habits for life!”