Anchor hopes to butter our mood with fun new campaign by Engine Creative

anchor butter mood campaign

Engine Creative has launched its latest work for Anchor Butter, taking the long-running “Butter the Food. Butter the Mood” campaign into new, fun places. 

The agency has created a series of TV, digital, social, print and radio executions that capture the ways in which adding delicious Anchor Butter to your food can change your day for the better.

Anchor Butter uplifting

The campaign is all about sharing the uplifting feeling that comes from spreading Anchor, and how eating food that is oozing with delicious butter triggers a playful mindset – and even sets off an unexpected chain of events.

Set around a local food truck, we see various people, from individuals to families, and from every generation, tucking into delicious Anchor-buttered food of all types. 

Whether they are eating bread rolls, sweetcorn, scones, or sizzling steaks, their enjoyment is brought to life in charming moments that provide the viewers at home with the same feeling of delight as the cast of characters enjoying their buttery treats.

The TV and digital campaign is accompanied by humorous radio ads, as well as outdoor executions that use visual puns – using a combination of delicious buttered food and black and white imagery – to make people smile.

Rebecca Alicia Allen, Senior Brand Manager at Anchor, said: “With this campaign, we don’t tell you how you’ll feel if you tuck into Anchor, we make you feel it. 

“The memorable characters and unpredictable moments bring to life the good mood you get from eating Anchor butter in an entertaining and distinctive way.”

Steve Hawthorne, Creative Director from Engine Creative said: “Our aim was to create a campaign that butters the mood of people seeing and hearing it as much as a big dollop of Anchor does for people tasting it. 

“Thanks to an incredible effort from a team of absolute superstars I believe we’ve achieved that. 

“And the whole process was a joy to be a part of, from the first bite to the final morsel.”

Joseph Mann, Director at Blink Ink Production company, said: “It was an honour to be asked back for round two of Anchors’ ‘Butter the mood. Butter the food’”

“Bringing dancing tea cosies and dogs sliding along on their bottoms to screen would never be possible without heaps of trust, so a huge shout out to Arla and Engine Creative for the freedom needed to pull this unique mixed media bonanza off!”