AMV BBDO creates Whiskas campaign to tackle kitten ‘abandonment’ in Russia

Whiskas, the Mars Petcare brand, has launched a campaign in Russia to raise awareness of the rising problem of kitten abandonment, and to help build an understanding of what responsible cat ownership entails.

This is achieved by highlighting some of kittens’ slightly less endearing habits in a playful way.

Kitten campaign

Created by AMV BBDO, the six-week experiential and social media campaign is focused on the launch of the Krafted by Kittens Kollection, a range of household items inspired by the paws of loving kittens, each providing the perfect visual representation of everything talented, but destructive, kittens bring to the homes of owners.

Behind the campaign is the serious story that although kitten adoption is on the rise, thanks to COVID-19, so is abandonment because, all over the world, people are adopting kittens for companionship without really understanding what’s required to own one.

Krafted by Kittens Kollection

AMV BBDO has created three six-second bumper ads (below) that focus on key items in the Krafted by Kittens Kollection.

These include the Extra Fluffy Cushion, a showcase of the cuddly kittens’ scratching technique, honed from when they were just a few weeks old; and the mesmerising Cracked Vase, a unique creation krafted by one of Russia’s talented kitten ceramic breakers.

Supporting the three films are static social and digital display units, encouraging consumers to meet the “artist” kittens and even adopt one for themselves through a website that provides API integration with shelters in Russia.

Once owners have adopted kittens they are provided with a kit to help them through the knocks and bumps of the first few months.

New parents are given support through top tips on how to care for their kitten and free vet consultations. This includes insurance vouchers, money-off replacement furniture and Whiskas food.

Jay Phillips at AMV BBDO said: “We wanted to encourage responsible adoption of kittens and help more of these beautiful animals find forever homes.

“Kittens make a house feel like a home, they leave a mark on our lives and a physical mark on our homes.

“So we made the Krafted by Kittens Kollection, created by the paws of loving kittens. The perfect visual representation of everything that our talented artists bring to a home.”