Amplified Intelligence launches attentionPROVE measurement tag


Amplified Intelligence, the attention measurement company, has announced the global launch of its new campaign evaluation tool, attentionPROVE.

Live across several markets – including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Dubai – the product will help brands and agencies understand and maximise attention in ad campaigns in real-time.


The technology behind attentionPROVE enables buyers to move away from relying on inferred binary metrics and arbitrary impression signals and move towards scaled data that is truly human-informed, utilising the world’s deepest and most robust human attention dataset from over 55,000 global panellists.

The accuracy of attentionPROVE takes attention prediction to impression level, measuring sub-second active and passive attention. This is enabled by the collection of close to 100 attention markers typical of media consumption.

This level of accuracy is unique in that it offers users insights to both attention time and focus across creatives, formats, and platforms in both display and video ads spanning desktop, mobile web, mobile app, Connected TV and Broadcast Video on Demand.

Key benefits of attentionPROVE include:

  • Viewability vs Attention Gap: Quantify media wastage by seeing live viewability and active attention performance on a line by line basis on creative, domain and ad formats. Provide a clearer picture of which ad placements are actually watched, vs those served above the fold, but not looked at.
  • Instant Performance Uplift: Fuel instant optimisation based on which ad creatives, messages, and media environments generate the highest quality attention, reducing investment in lower-value inventory.
  • Enhancing Media Transparency: Create a transparent view of budget distribution and return on investment, enabling a measurable showcase of advertising efficiency and commercial worth across various media platforms.

“AttentionPROVE is one part of our mission to help accelerate the transition towards fairer and efficient media management,” said Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence.

“A closed loop of accurate, and transparent, human insight is vital to ensure persistently effective use of budgets across campaign lifecycles.

“By basing in-flight adjustments on actionable and accurate data-led recommendations, brands and agencies can increase the likelihood of campaign success, as well as illustrating the effect of attention gains on the business bottom line.”

Foxtel Media CEO, Mark Frain, said: “Dynamic attention measurement brings immense value to digital streaming platforms.

“Allowing brands to optimise beyond standard audience metrics, and better leverage insights like platform engagement, will continue to be a key focus in how we deliver results for our clients.”

The attentionPROVE measurement tag can be easily attached during media purchasing and is compatible with major buying platforms, such as DV360 and TTD.

Meaning agencies and advertisers are now able to harness deep cross-platform human attention data in both the pre-flight planning and in-flight optimisation phases of a campaign when using attentionPROVE in combination with attentionPLAN, the latest iteration of Amplified Intelligence’s sophisticated media planning tool.