Amelia Dimoldenberg in new Lucozade Alert campaign by adam&eveDDB

Lucozade Look Alert Amelia Dimoldenberg

Lucozade Alert has teamed up with journalist, comedian, and cultural commentator Amelia Dimoldenberg to test the alertness of the British public in ‘Look Alert’ – a new campaign created by adam&eveDDB.

Lucozade Alert is a new high caffeine, low-calorie energy drink containing Vitamin B3 that helps to contribute the reduction of tiredness, helping people across the country feel switched on and ready to conquer the day.

Amelia Dimoldenberg

Dimoldenberg’s quick wit – clearly evident in her popular YouTube talk show series ‘Chicken Shop Date’ – has helped her build a strong Gen Z following.

In Lucozade’s ‘Look Alert’ campaign, Dimoldenberg shoots quickfire questions at passers-by – such as “What does the average person do 13 times a day?” and “Can fish blink?” – to test the public’s sharpness and gets some unexpected, and sometimes very alert, answers in response.

The vox pops conducted on the streets of London will launch as a content series across Amelia’s Instagram and TikTok feeds, as well as Lucozade Alert’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels, from 28 July.

Zoe Trimble, Head of Lucozade Energy at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I, said: “Since launching the brand, we’ve been looking at how we can take a disruptive and energetic approach in our comms. 

“By tapping into Amelia’s wide appeal and cultural relevance we’re extending our brand to a key target audience.

Camille Standen, content creative director at adam&eveDDB, said: “Amelia’s trademark wit and sharp sense of humour made her the perfect fit for getting Lucozade Alert on Get Z’s radar. 

“In fact, we wrote the concept with her in mind! So couldn’t be more excited to see this high energy partnership come to life.”

The new campaign sits under Lucozade’s ‘It’s On’ megabrand platform, also created by adam&eveDDB, which brings to life the positive energy that embodies Lucozade and that feeling you have when you’re ready to take on whatever’s ahead.