Amazon Prom film for Alexa reveals touching lifelong love story

amazon prom campaign for alexa

Amazon has released a moving new campaign film called Prom, which features a love story that spans the decades from the 1950s to the modern day, and which will pull at our heartstrings.

The beautifully conceived campaign was created by Droga5 London and has the feel of a big budget film.

Alexa’s Prom woven in time

A clever play on nostalgia and technology, Prom takes viewers back to a time before the internet, social media and streaming apps were invented.

The aim of the campaign is to show how Amazon’s Alexa device can help anyone of any age to get a lift in their lives from the smart speaker technology, simply by using their voice.

In the opening scenes of Prom a young man in a tuxedo enters a 1950s school Prom. The classic track ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ by The Flamingos plays in the background as he walks over to a girl in the dance hall. 

As the couple dance under the lights we see them transition to a middle-aged husband and wife before they are next seen as two seniors in their 70s, still dancing to their favourite tune in the present day. 

The story moves from the dance hall to the couple’s home, where they are dancing to the same song at home, just like they did at their Prom all those years ago.

With a sensitive and touching nod to the effects old age can have on memory, in the final scene the woman looks into her partner’s eyes and he asks Alexa to play their favourite song again.

Instantly, the elderly lady remembers the music and what it means to them and the associated memories bring a light back to her eyes as she remembers their first dance once again all those years ago.

Prom follows a number of other spots, such as Ironing, Opera and Pompeii, and is the latest film in the global Alexa campaign from the agency.