Amazon Desert Rally: Stock Car project warns of Rainforest risks


Brazilian racing event, the Stock Car Pro Series has launched an initiative that aims to reinforce its commitment to ESG, titled, “Amazon Desert Rally”.

Amazon Desert Rally

With the slogan “Don’t sponsor this race” the campaign aims to draw attention to the environmental crisis faced by the rivers of the Amazon Forest, which lost 130 million litres of water in 2023 alone.

The racing category and track heroes are promoting the initiative to demonstrate the devastating effect of the crisis.

The drought affects not only water supply but also fishing activity, with rafts and canoes stranded in the sand. Roraima leads the number of heat spots in the country in 2024, intensifying forest fires that consume vegetation, animals, and homes, as well as spreading enormous amounts of smoke into the air.

Irreversible degradation

The Amazon may be closer to irreversible transformations due to the dual impact of deforestation and global warming on the biome.

About 47% of the forest is expected to enter a trajectory of irreversible degradation by 2050, according to a study published in the journal Nature, one of the world’s leading scientific publications.

Given this crisis, the “Amazon Desert Rally” assumes even greater importance, the group said. The promotional materials feature a team composed of indigenous people, true guardians of the forest, who have been formed to lead the mission of alerting the world to the accelerated destruction of the forest.

In the launch film (above), we see the team’s preparation in their tribe, as well as their skills behind the wheel of 4×4 cars “navigating” through the dry rivers of the Amazon Basin.

In the end, the team makes a striking revelation: they do not want this rally to happen because it will indicate that the Amazon they know, which has been the home of their people for thousands of years, may disappear.

“Don’t sponsor” – The “Amazon Desert Rally” project is a call to immediate action to preserve one of our planet’s most precious natural resources.

“Have you ever stopped to think about where the wood for the furniture in your home came from, like the chair you’re sitting on?” Asked Fernando Julianelli, CEO of Vicar, the category’s promoter.

“Often, we don’t realise the responsibility we have as consumers and as a society in general.

“If you combat the use of Amazonian resources, even if it’s just in your home, you’ll already be helping to preserve the forest – hence our slogan, ‘Don’t sponsor this race.’

“That’s why all stages of the Stock Car have zero carbon emissions. And much more is yet to come”.

Almir Surui, president of the Paiter Surui territory and appointed Forest Hero by the UN, said:  “Without water and without forest, humans won’t have the health to rally”.

Paulo Moutinho, senior researcher at IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute, said: “A rally always reminds us of an adventure. Where nature should be the protagonist.

“Without forests or flowing rivers, the coldness of steel will be our destiny, and that of those who come”.

With data from Acre, Amazonas, Rondônia, and Roraima, it was possible to identify 142,000 hectares with illegal deforestation during the study period published in Nature, representing 38% of the total.

This means that the Amazon had an area of forest equivalent to the city of São Paulo devastated by illegal logging in just one year.