Amazon Books launches magic of reading creative by Droga5 London

amazon books droga5 london

Amazon Books, in partnership with creative agency Droga5 London, has launched a new global campaign “That Reading Feeling Awaits”.

Amazon Books ‘Reading Feeling’

The creative gives life to the invisible magic that happens inside our imaginations when we read – inspiring readers to read more and get more out of what they read. 

The campaign is aimed at celebrating the place of books at the foundation of culture.

Moreover it is designed to enchant the world with books and the unique relationship we have with them, especially as people devote more and more time to streaming and scrolling.

Across different countries and generations, reading is something that has always facilitated understanding and connection. It’s a shared habit that many – if not most – wish to cultivate.

The global campaign runs in the US and UK from the end of July through to the holiday season in two bursts. It’ll be predominantly online video, supported by social, digital, OOH and a 3D special build at Penn Station.

The films “THAT READING FEELING” (above), “AWE”, “LOVE”, “FEAR”, “LOSS”, “CALM” heroes the unique relationship that each reader has with the book they’re engrossed in. 

Starting wide, each scene pushes towards the reader before flipping to their perspective and showing the world of the book come to life where they are – a co-production of the person and pages.

Jumping through five different scenes, the film brings to life these distinct book genres through a plethora of mix-media styles. Stitched together, the film glides through a cross-section of people, places and feelings.

Changing Trains - gay travel adventure by Mark Johnson
Books and travel: Interrail adventure Changing Trains follows one 19yr old’s life-changing journey of discovery.

Five post-houses were onboarded to authentically bring to life a chosen genre and were not tasked with any other scene outside their own.

Social & Outdoor 

The social and out-of-home assets pair simple photography of a reader behind their book with their illustrated thoughts jumping off the page. 

To bring the magic of reading to life, these assets feature the inner monologue of different readers responding to their books.

Over 20 different illustrators were briefed to give variety and distinction to the social and OOH assets. 

Each illustrator was briefed knowing just the book genre and their specific word or illustration to bring to life, leading to a rich combination of styles which mirrors the multifaceted and idiosyncratic nature of reading.

Social Stickers & BookTok Challenge 

Droga5 London and Amazon Books have created a bespoke sticker pack and emojis to allow everyone to share their love of reading across social platforms. 

The stickers were co-created by a collective of talented artists, including Dan Woodger, Mat Voyce, Loulou Joao and YONK.

These will be promoted by leading influencers on BookTok; the ‘that reading feeling’ challenge encourages the public to post their favourite book, adorned with animated stickers that help bring to life the feeling.

The sticker pack and emojis are available through Amazon’s social channels.

Matt Hubbard, Creative Director at Droga5, said: “There’s a magic to reading that modern-day media like streaming or scrolling simply can’t replicate. 

“An intimate relationship between reader and writer, books unlock myriad feelings from joy to sadness to having your mind blown and everything in between. In a world of fast content, diving into a good book has never felt so rewarding.”

Chris Chapman, Head of Design at Droga5 London, said: “Reading feels so special because it’s a co-production between a book and our imagination. 

“We wanted to show what this feels like, that while reading looks passive from the outside the feelings it creates in us are richly multi-layered. We worked with 17 different illustrators to create an eclectic treatment that combined vivid textures with the free-wheeling feel of user-generated content.”

Josh Fein, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Amazon Books, said: “I get to work with a team of passionate readers who want to inspire reading and help you find your next favourite book. 

“That Reading Feeling Awaits is our call to crack open that hardcover or switch on your Kindle to feel the rewards of the immersive reading experience.”