Alzheimer’s Society launches ‘Unmemorabilia’ ad as Coronation approaches


Alzheimer’s Society, and agency partner New Commercial Arts, have launched a tactical ad campaign called ‘Unmemorabilia’ the day before the Coronation and running the bank holiday weekend on Press, OOH, Social.

 The aim of the campaign is to highlight the shocking statistic that 1 in 3 people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime.


The creative leads with the arresting headline, ‘A day one in three of us won’t be able to tell our grandkids about’ which is placed on a Coronation ‘Unmemorabilia’ mug.

The ad aims to raise awareness of the impact of dementia and raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society’s life-changing support and research, which provides help and hope to thousands.

Moreover, the ad has been released just days after the breakthrough announcement of a second dementia drug called donanemab, with early results showing it could slow the progression of early Alzheimer’s disease – potentially marking the beginning of the end for the disease.

Royal launch: Top charity launched ad just in time for King Charles III’s Coronation.

“Although dementia is one of the most feared health conditions, the scale and prevalence of dementia is not commonly known”, Alex Hyde-Smith, Director of Income & Engagement at Alzheimer’s Society.

“We need to change that to cement our cause as a top priority in the eyes of the public and inspire more support for our vital work.”