All Immediate Media subs now use sustainable paper wrap

immediate paper wrap

Immediate Media Co, the special interest content and platform company, has announced that Radio Times, the UK’s biggest-selling weekly magazine by subscription, has switched to paper wrap from recyclable poly-wrap for all its subscriber copies.

Immediate is  one of the UK’s leading publishers by subscription with over 1.2m subscribers and posts 1.9m magazines a month. 

Radio Times’ paper wrap

Radio Times’ move to paper wrap marks the conclusion of a comprehensive strategy to switch all Immediate’s titles to paper mailing, saving around 100 tonnes of plastic a year.

Immediate’s Production teams have worked with printers Walstead UK, William Gibbons, mailing and fulfilment specialist WestColour and Mail & Marketing Solutions (MAMS) to deliver a sustainable solution, using responsibly-sourced paper which is fully recyclable in UK kerbside collections.

“With over 270,000 weekly subscribers, Radio Times’ switch to paper mailing is a huge milestone in Immediate’s on-going work to reduce our use of plastic across our portfolio”, said Alfie Lewis, Immediate’s Director of Supply Chain and Licensing, with responsibility for the company’s focus on sustainability. 

“Given the size of our overall subscriber base, this has been a challenging logistical project working alongside our production partners and I’m delighted we have provided an easily recyclable product for our readers.”

The move to paper wrap, is part of Immediate’s on-going environmental strategy to increase sustainability across all aspects its business, including promoting more sustainable practices within the company, and reducing the use of plastic and its carbon footprint.

Since January 2021, Immediate’s offices in London and Bristol have been carbon neutral, using 100% renewable energy sources and adopting a zero waste to landfill policy. 

Immediate is working with its partners and clients to develop more sustainable practices across its entire production processes.