Agency’s Antibody Beer Club offers a ‘free beer for every prick’

Antibody Beer Club - HOG

Creative agency House of Greenland is playing its small part to help save one of the great British institutions: the pub, with the launch of the Antibody Beer Club. 

With Omicron hitting the hospitality industry like the worst hangover of all time, low levels of Covid vaccination among the under-30s and little support incoming from the Government, House of Greenland has stepped up to offer support; announcing a new vaccine side-effect: free beer.

Antibody Beer Club

The Antibody Beer Club, a campaign to encourage young adults to get jabbed in the run-up to Christmas.

And the agency guarantees (please note: this is not a guarantee, but it might as well be) that the free beer will not contain 5G-broadcasting, people-tracking nanobots that Bill Gates has personally inserted into the yeast to ensure the Deep State can monitor and control your views on QAnon!

The Antibody Beer Club (ABC) involves pub and brewery customers showing the staff behind the bar their vaccine card with proof of vaccination.

Those staff will then proffer a free beer and hit them with a pint-shaped cut-out or ink stamp on their vaccination card, which turns it into an ABC membership card.

House of Greenland has created a range of posters, stickers and tee-shirts with catchy slogans as part of its open-source resource for publicans and breweries to drive awareness of the initiative.

Antibody Beer Club - HOG t shirt
Beer cheer: House of Greenland’s free beer campaign is a winner.

Martin de Fleurian, co-founder at House of Greenland, said: “The Omicron variant has hit the pub trade like a hangover from hell. 

“We wanted to help the industry in some way, and hopefully this will allow people to enjoy their free pints in a safe and responsible way. 

“There’s no safer pint, than one after you’ve been double jabbed, plus a booster for good measure!

“Vaccine hesitancy among the under-30s is a huge issue when it comes to fighting off this terrible virus. 

“So, we wondered how we could encourage people to get jabbed – and thought a free beer might well be enough to win over some of them.”

House of Greenland has made the resources available on its website, where any venues or brewers who want to get involved can at no extra cost – apart from the occasional free beer.”