Africa’s mothers2mothers launches ‘Don’t Buy It’ campaign by RAPP


RAPP UK has created a campaign called ‘Don’t Buy It’ to drive awareness for mothers2mothers, a health charity working across 10 sub-Saharan African countries.

‘Don’t Buy It’ 

‘Don’t Buy It’, revolves around a special stall set up in a bustling Ghanaian marketplace. The intent is to bust the myths and misinformation surrounding sexual health, HIV, and pregnancy common among young people in Ghana.

These myths contribute to challenges including unacceptably high rates of HIV and unintended pregnancies, which in turn hold young people back from achieving their full potential.

The stall displays a range of #DontBuyIt branded products carrying myth-busting messages: #DontBuyIt shower gel, for example, bears the message: “If you were told a quick shower cleans off any HIV, it’s a myth. Don’t buy it!” #DontBuyIt branded drinking glasses say: “Drinking ice cold water after sex can’t stop you getting pregnant. Don’t buy it”.

The Don’t Buy it stall is run by the charity’s Mother Mentors—young women living with HIV, trained and paid as community health workers—who are on hand to offer help and advice, under the slogan ‘The stall that sells nothing. Except the truth’.

Visitors can engage with the Mentor Mothers, access their advice and support, and be linked to ongoing services both in-person and through mothers2mothers WhatsApp chatbot.

Afua Basoah, Head of Health and Social Impact at RAPP UK & Chair of m2m UK Trustees, said “The power of myths in Africa is still so strong and they play a huge role in amplifying unsafe sex and HIV transmission amongst women and girls.

“This campaign talks directly to that audience with the added benefit of surprise and intrigue, ensuring that the messaging has lasting impact and helps to change behaviour”.

The campaign, created by RAPP UK, launched 5 April.