Adtech Supponor signs up RCD Espanyol de Barcelona

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Supponor, the virtual advertising technology provider within live Tier 1 sports, has announced that RCD Espanyol de Barcelona is deploying its state-of-the-art technology at all its home games in La Liga.

Supponor Virtual tech

The soccer club’s games at the RCDE Stadium will now feature the use of Supponor’s innovative DBRLive virtual replacement technology. This includes its NSA virtual carpet placement solution; which is offered in partnership with the worlds leading LED perimeter display specialist TGI.

The two Supponor technologies allow the placement of targeted adverts within the live feed. They can be specifically geared towards geographic or demographic market segments.

This is a particularly important consideration for La Liga clubs as they grow international audiences. It provides an additional revenue stream with advertising and sponsorship deals targeted to fans wherever they are watching.

The solution is being operated by Mediapro, which acts as the production partner for Supponor technical solutions in La Liga.

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Game on: Supponor signed Barcelona to its virtual adtech solution.

Games growth

Over the last six seasons, the deployment of Supponor’s virtual advertising solutions by Mediapro in La Liga has grown from a handful of games to over 80 per season.

It now features in matches played by FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and RCD Espanyol de Barcelona.

“Virtual advertising helps to grow club revenues by making available new advertising opportunities on the international broadcast feeds of the club’s live matches,” said James B Gambrell, CEO, Supponor.

“For example, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona is cultivating a large Chinese fan base given the popularity of striker Wu Lei.

“This has created the opportunity to develop new sponsorship opportunities and regional advertising revenues on the Asian feeds of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona’s matches using Supponor technology.”

Julian Fernandez of Mediapro said: “Virtual advertising solutions targeting different markets need to offer both technical reliability and seamless operational capability to unlock the significant commercial returns for clubs such as Espanyol.”

“We are delighted with the way that the Supponor and TGI solution has worked in La Liga. We look forward to further expansion and increased monetisation opportunities with LaLiga clubs and participating global brands.”