Adtech Content Ignite launches Ads.txt Insights Tool for publishers


Content Ignite, a publisher-first adtech and monetisation company, has launched its latest innovation, the Ads.txt Insights Tool.

This cutting-edge tool is designed to assist publishers in optimising their ad revenue by maintaining accurate and up-to-date ads.txt files, a critical component in the fight against ad fraud and revenue loss.

Content Ignite Insights tool

In today’s complex programmatic advertising landscape, the integrity of ads.txt files is paramount, the company said.

These files list authorised companies permitted to sell a publisher’s ad inventory, ensuring transparency and reducing fraud.

However, many publishers struggle with maintaining these files, leading to incomplete or incorrect entries that can significantly impact monetisation efforts.

Source: Content Ignite.

Content Ignite’s Ads.txt Insights Tool offers a comprehensive solution by providing a streamlined process to update and maintain ads.txt files.

The adtech said that publishers can now ensure that all authorised sellers are correctly listed, preventing potential revenue losses due to invalid entries.

“Our Ads.txt Insights Tool is a game-changer for publishers,” said James Hanslip, Chief Executive Officer, Content Ignite.

“This tool addresses a critical need in the industry by offering a user-friendly interface for understanding and managing ads.txt files, thus enhancing transparency and optimising ad revenue.

“Our commitment to supporting publishers remains unwavering, and this tool is another step in empowering them to maximise their potential in the digital advertising landscape.”