Adsquare picks PubMatic as one of its first sell-side tech partners


Global adtech firm PubMatic today announced a unique data collaboration with Adsquare, a leading global location intelligence platform.

The new partnership makes PubMatic one of the first sell-side technology platforms to offer Adsquare’s data to media buyers globally.

Adsquare and PubMatic

The collaboration leverages PubMatic’s premium publishing partners and strong buy-side relationships alongside Adsquare’s unique data sets for the benefit of all industry players.

For media buyers, it will enable access to demographics, interests, affinities, and purchase intent data sets, in turn enhancing targeting and campaign optimisation.

This will help unlock improved performance metrics such as increased ROI, higher engagement, and stronger brand affinity.

Similarly, publishers will benefit from the ability to more effectively package and sell their inventory and data, while advertisers will gain direct access to PubMatic’s global ad inventory with enhanced audience targeting capabilities.

The partnership prioritises data privacy and compliance, ensuring adherence to global and local regulations by design.

“By working in tandem, Adsquare and PubMatic empower advertisers to deliver relevant messaging and high-quality experiences to consumers no matter where they are in the world or which device they are using,” said Tom Laband, CEO & Co-Founder of Adsquare.

“Together, we are giving publishers and advertisers a reliable, scalable, cookie-free way to increase addressability across the open internet and, in turn, to maximise the positive impact that advertising has.”

Mark Williams, Senior Director, Audience & Commerce Solutions EMEA and US at PubMatic, said: “Data-privacy is the key topic of our time, and we are constantly looking to deliver solutions to our partners that are not only future-proofed, but give them a competitive edge.”

“Integrating Adsquare’s data into PubMatic’s Connect platform drives value for every player in the advertising ecosystem in a privacy-first way.

“We are incredibly pleased to be one of the first to integrate Adsquare’s data and believe this partnership will play a pivotal role over the coming years.”