Adform, Samba TV partner to propel CTV targeting in EU


Global adtech company Adform and TVtech Samba TV, which provides audience data and omniscreen measurement, today announced the launch of new CTV targeting capabilities and audience segments on Adform’s DSP.

As the latest innovation and milestone in Adform and Samba TV’s long-standing relationship, this brand new offering will be available on Adform’s platform in Q1 2024 for all of Adform’s buyers in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain.

Adform Samba TV CTV moves

Addressing audience fragmentation remains a top priority for advertisers focused on precise CTV targeting at scale, the companies said.

There is strong demand for comprehensive data to effectively bridge the gaps in shifting viewership behaviour and for sophisticated technology to accurately pinpoint and engage with elusive audiences.

This new solution integrates Samba TV’s proprietary first-party CTV data with Adform’s award-winning omnichannel DSP.

Enriched with independent, deterministic, and representative CTV audience data, brands can purchase these segments in Adform’s DSP at any time.

This includes unique ‘always-on’ geo audience segments, powered by Samba TV’s proprietary first-party TV viewership data, which advertisers can leverage to optimise ad performance based on geographical location and to deliver more effective CTV campaigns.

The announcement swiftly follows on the heels of the creation of Adform’s new global omnichannel division.

Having increased CTV spend by 115% since October 2022, alongside forging a strategic relationship with Disney+, this latest news sees the business further enhance and scale up its CTV offering.

Adform is on an even stronger footing to capitalise on the burgeoning growth of this key emerging channel.

Stefan Sommer, SVP Global Sales & Partnerships at Adform, said: “Samba TV is a trusted partner of ours, and we’re delighted to expand our efforts as brands prioritise CTV campaign performance.

“Indeed, it’s the ideal time to offer more robust audience targeting by bringing Samba TV’s deterministic data into our DSP, which will take CTV targeting and performance to the next level, and bring greater value right when advertisers are demanding more out of their spend.”

Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-Founder at Samba TV, said: “To harness the potential of CTV and address evolving viewership behaviour, brands need powerful data and technology to help them stay in sync with those highly sought-after audiences.

“We’re thrilled to enrich the Adform CTV offering to deliver incremental audience reach for advertisers in the UK and Europe.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to democratise data that levels the playing field for the open web to innovate and flourish with privacy compliance.”