Adam&eveDDB merges content houses to create cain&abel worldwide

cain&abel Mat Tammy bw

Adam&eveDDB is merging its two content and production powerhouses, cain&abel and Gutenberg Global, to form a large-scale creative production agency.

The new grouping will create a company for marketers looking to benefit from the application of adam&eveDDB’s creative DNA to every touchpoint in their brand’s eco-system, the firm said.


The new, combined operation will be rolled out under the cain&abel brand, and its leadership team will report directly to adam&eveDDB’s Joint Group CEOs, Tammy Einav (right main photo) and Mat Goff (left main photo).

Claire Bowers will be Managing director of the new setup and Gary Whipps comes on as chief Operations Officer.

Cain&abel launched as the in-house content division of adam&eveDDB in 2013, and now works with 95% of the agency’s clients. 

Gutenberg Global was born out of DDB in 2009 and has evolved to offer global production solutions to both adam&eveDDB and direct clients.

The relaunched cain&abel combines both operations into a single, creative production offering, built across five core service areas – content creation, global solutions, direct response, production and on-site services. 

Cain&abel has been designed to work to the London agency’s famously high creative standards and will bring a personal approach to delivering emotion at scale and in context.

“We are bringing these two highly successful units together to super-charge the offering to clients”, Gof said. 

“Claire, Gary and the team have built a business that puts people first right through the process. It means that wherever in the world our client’s consumers are, they will experience the brand and the message in the best possible way. 

“And it means our clients, both global and in market, get a brilliant, personal service they can trust and rely on”.

Bowers as MD has held the same role at Gutenberg Global since 2018. 

She has built her career on international business and has lived in Asia and Africa as well as Europe, contributing to her huge respect for cultural differences and nuances.

Decoupling production

“A decade of decoupling production from agencies has brought with it a great investment in tech, but also an obsession with low-cost solutions”, Bowers said. 

Claire Bowers
Decoupling:Bowers wants to change a decade of obsession with low-cost solutions.

“This has led our part of the industry to be a space of siloed thinking, lacking in authenticity and watered-down, lowest common-denominator creative work. 

“Our hope is that a personal approach to creating and delivering great work will be a breath of fresh air to clients who want better solutions built and deployed in a more personal way”.

COO Whipps has held the same role at Gutenberg since 2018.

“We are excited by the opportunity to unite two of the group’s most successful and impressive companies under one brand”, Whipps said. 

Gary Whipps
Complex content: Whipps sees a path to simplifying creative output for brands.

“Our heritage of working with lead creative agencies, coupled with our ability to bring those high standards to our own creative executions, ensures that cain&abel are perfectly positioned to help simplify the ever-increasing complexity of content that brands need to create, for an ever-growing number of channels to be served.”