Across the Pond crafts Quantum AI film for Google

Quantum across the pond

Quantum computing and AI are hardly the easiest concepts to describe but they are vital in today’s forward thinking world where these technologies are increasingly a part of daily life. 

Across the Pond, the agency known for making the complex human, has created a video to help Google announce its next big move in the quantum computing space featuring a narrative that everyone can follow.

Quantum tech

Nick Alden, a Creative at Across the Pond explains: “Like lots of new tech, quantum computing, to some, can sound mysterious. 

“Which is why it was more important than ever to make sure we turned this complex subject into something human, realistic, and accessible to everyone. That meant resisting those sci-fi tropes and giving it context with the audience.”

The video is part of the rich material that Google is putting out around its annual I/O event which ran May 18 – 20. It’s available to watch now below.

Quoting one of the fathers of quantum, Richard Feynman, saying: “Nature isn’t classical. If you want to make a simulation of nature, you’d better make it quantum mechanical”, the video opens gently with the sound of water and themes of nature.

“This was a key insight that led to the development of both our concept and our aesthetic approach,” said Rohit Iyer, Creative Director. 

“We found a distinct separation between the world of classical computing — organised, developed, predictable — and the world of quantum computing — open, natural spaces that have yet to be explored. A literal new frontier.”

The final animation describes the borders of what has already been achieved with current computing and the need for further exploration. 

It explains clearly how quantum computing works in its most basic form, and the possible problems that this technology can help solve in an exciting future.

The world of quantum computing is often separated from the natural world in terms of its visual vernacular. 

Across the Pond chose a naturalistic animated style to tell this story – linking with the natural world – to separate this work from the tired and old-fashioned tech graphics of the past.

The film is narrated by quantum engineer Sabrina Hong, a member of Google’s Quantum AI team and an excellent choice in terms of knowledge, authority on the subject and authenticity.

The soundtrack and music were composed by Andy Sheriff and Adelphoi Music, creating a soundscape that amplifies the theme of nature and immerses the audience in the natural spaces depicted.