Accenture Song, Capita launch futuristic soldier campaign for The British Army

capita accenture song soldier army rec campaign

Accenture Song has created a new campaign platform called ‘Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do’, in its ongoing work supporting The British Army recruitment. 

The new line is being introduced in a 60-second hero film, which breaks on television and in cinemas on 1st July 2022, with work also spanning radio, OOH, online and social media.

Soldier campaign

The new work is the next iteration of the long-running brand positioning ‘This Is Belonging’, developed in 2017, developed by Accenture Song together with Capita and the British Army. 

Accenture Song’s campaign platform encourages potential recruits to consider what the future British Army will look like by focusing on its position as one of the world’s most technologically advanced organisations, with a diverse workforce.

Recent research shows a third (30%) of Brits say they think the Army may rely on robots for jobs in the future instead of humans. 

So while the campaign emphasises the Army’s advancements in everything from cyber intelligence to robotics, the message is clear: soldiers will always be its most valuable asset.

Directed by MJZ’s Nicolai Fuglsig, the hero film shows an imagined, dystopian future, where a robotic soldier scouts the terrain of a conflict zone. 

Made of over 4,000 individual CGI elements and 2,000 sound design samples, it paints an impressive picture. But it can’t replace the value of a solider, and this is where the spot ends – showing the true face of the Army’s future: you.

OOH executions depict face offs between a number of different soldiers and a robot, with lines such as “Nothing can think like a soldier can think”, with each portrait, shot by the photographer Nadav Kander, capturing the confidence and self-belief of British Army soldiers. 

Further radio, digital and social executions will highlight traits the Army needs, from empathy to imagination.

To build anticipation for the launch, there will be a week of teaser activity online. The initial TV burst runs for a fortnight, while the film will stay in cinemas for two months initially, with further activity throughout the year.

The initial work focuses on full-time recruitment, but the brand platform is flexible and will be adapted for different messaging and Reserves later in the year.

Siobhan Penrose-Johnson, Director of Marketing & Communications at Defence Recruiting Services, Capita, said: “This year’s campaign is another exciting evolvement of our This is Belonging platform, highlighting another one of the values that makes the British Army one of the most modern and progressive employers in the world.

“Our hero ad aims show that, while we may live more of our lives online and increasingly in augmented realities, it’s easy to believe that the British Army would become technology dependent. 

“But technology has to work alongside the humanity of soldiers and personnel – the army of the future still needs you.”

Colonel Nick Mackenzie, Assistant Director Recruiting, said: “Like previous recruitment campaigns, Nothing Can Do What A Soldier Can Do aims to dispel one of the many myths that surround the British Army. 

“This time, looking at the British Army of the future and the role of soldiers within it. We want to tell future recruits that no matter what technological advancements we make – it is the judgement, intelligence and even the wit of our soldiers that is indispensable to the future of the Army. 

“We hope the campaign will lead to potential applicants seeing the Army as an exciting place they can learn and grow, and be valued as an integral part our future.”

Nik Studzinski, Chief Creative Officer at Accenture Song said: “Building on the success of our last five iterations of ‘This Is Belonging’, this year’s campaign highlights another strongly held belief in the British Army; that while they are one of the most technologically advanced in the World with incredible kit and impressive hardware – nothing will ever replace their single, most important asset. The soldier.”