Acadomia launches school report campaign marked by Rosa Paris


Acadomia, a leading French tutorial service, has launched a hilarious new campaign based around the idea of the school report card.

The campaign, created by creative agency Rosa Paris, reminds us that, as kids we all dreaded getting our report card.

You had to hide it, or yourself, face your dad’s glare, dumbfounded that you only got six out of 20 in maths; which is why marks are undoubtedly a major topic of contention between children and parents.

However, Acadomia is keen to show that this is not the case for families using its service, almost 90% of whom report that tensions about school have eased as a result of tutoring.

Acadomia campaign

In a new set of three films, Acadomia takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the arguments we’ve all gone through, showing that, thanks to the average four points (out of 20) rise in marks, parents will have to find a new reason to reprimand their kids.

The films were directed by Rudi Rosenberg whose thoughtful and conscientious approach demonstrates his unquestionable ability to show how kids live.

It’s a campaign in which Acadomia asserts its ambition to make peace between parents and children when it comes to school results, while also making them proud of their progress.

Today, 60% of parents say their child’s self-fulfilment is a priority, even before academic success, but they have never been so stressed about results.

With this campaign the brand underlines the importance of academic success, while inviting parents to rethink their approach to success, all with a healthy dose of humour.

A vision of education that is also embodied in Acadomia’s new brand signature, “Le plaisir de réussir” (“The pleasure of success”).

The three films launched 2 October and are being broadcast on TV, online, and social media.

“This new campaign reaffirms Acadomia’s commitment to working alongside families”, said Philippe Coléon, Chairman and CEO of Acadomia.

“We know just how much families’ daily lives can be affected and spoiled when school results are not in line with expectations.

“For the past 25 years, our ambition has been to restore our students’ love of learning, to support them in their desire to succeed, and in so doing, to contribute to a calm and confident atmosphere within families.

“Our studies show that our students progress by an average of four points in the subject in which we support them.

“For some, these four points enable them to better understand and regain confidence, while for others, they enable them to follow a previously unattainable option, to choose the academic specialty of their choice – in short, to make their dreams come true”.

ean-Patrick Chiquiar, Co-Founder of Rosa Paris, said: “We’re proud to open a new chapter of advertising with Acadomia, continuing to capitalise on the strengths that have made it a leading brand in its market: a fair and empathetic understanding of a subject as complex as school.

“In this new opus, we take a humorous look at the topic of marks, one we’ve all gone through, a universal vector of tension and bickering between parents and children… and one that continues to exist in new ways even when marks improve thanks to Acadomia.

“Add to that the tender approach of Rudi Rosenberg and you have 3 films in which parents and children will undoubtedly recognise themselves.”