AA AI Taskforce: Ad industry comment and reaction

ai taskforce-original pic-Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Artificial Intelligence was put front and centre by the Advertising Association this week when it set up its AI Taskforce for the industry

The aim is to create a set of guidelines, tools and ethical standards around use of the new technology.

So we asked some of our adtech industry leaders for their take on the AA’s new Taskforce…

Tim Geenen-raynTim Geenen, Co-Founder and CEO, Rayn

“AI has been thrown into the forefront this year thanks to the likes of ChatGPT. However, let’s not forget that AI has been a part of the advertising industry for a very long time, especially for adtech companies.

“AI is used in many ways in programmatic advertising, for example, to create and target audiences, but the rapid growth of generative AI has blurred the boundaries between what’s been made by a human and a robot.

“It’s especially important to manage this in advertising. Bringing in regulation and policy for AI has synergies with the same regulation that was put in place for influencers, who now need to make it clear when a post is an advert.

“Similarly, advertising that has been created using AI will need to be made clear so that audiences know exactly what they are buying into.

“While regulation is absolutely needed, it must be done right, otherwise, in a similar scenario as privacy, it could stop the technology in its tracks rather than keep it in motion.

“The idea of the AI task force is a step in the right direction to ensure the advertising industry is using it responsibly, and, if regulated and applied correctly, it will enhance our industry for the better.”

Suzanna-Chaplin-CEO-esbconnectSuzanna Chaplin, Founder and CEO, esbconnect

“There is certainly a need to develop industry guidelines, with Stephen Woodford, chief executive at the Advertising Association rightly speaking of ‘a critical time for AI and its use, not just in the UK but around the world.

“He has expressed optimism that this might help to develop the UK’s role globally when it comes to AI’s influence on marketing and advertising innovation – something the UK is famous for.

“We do not want that reputation muddied by unethical use of the latest technologies. After all, AI can unlock tremendous potential in advertising and marketing, but it must be used responsibly, and we must harness its potential in a considered way.”

Thomas-IvesThomas Ives, Co-Director and Founder, RAAS LAB

“There’s no denying that AI has enhanced all aspects of the advertising process and will continue to do so. As an industry, we need to embrace it, but not simply with open arms.

“Caution needs to be applied to AI and we must understand and be aligned with the technical and ethical limits of its use.

“Yes, AI is assisting the advertising industry with exceptional creatives, more precise targeting, less invasive ads, and improved carbon efficiency, which is all highly positive.

“But for all its amazing potential, this advanced technology in the wrong hands could easily be used deceptively.

“This taskforce is critical therefore to harness AI’s potential, while ensuring it is used responsibly and in the consumers best interests.

“With this in place, the ad industry can focus on utilising AI to increase productivity and effectiveness, which is set to be profound.”

Ian-Liddicoat-AdludioIan Liddicoat, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Data Science, Adludio

“The establishment of this task force is a step in the right direction if the UK is to maintain its leading status in data science and AI for advertising.

“Along with the oncoming AI Safety Summit in November, it’s part of a national push to own the safe development and economic benefits of AI.

“However, as the UK Government recently stated, any frameworks that dictate the safe application of AI must be global in nature if they are to be effective at all.

“While the Advertising Association’s example is one to emulate, more needs to be done by advertisers globally to unite such efforts.”

Piero-PavonePiero Pavone, CEO, Preciso

“The news that the Advertising Association has set up an AI taskforce to coordinate policy approaches to the technology – seeking to ensure that the industry is a responsible producer, end user and deployer of AI, whilst also analysing the productivity, economic and creativity benefits from using the technology – is welcome.

“The taskforce has said it will work with the Advertising Standards Authority to make sure AI use in advertising campaigns is transparent, legal and ethical.

“We welcome the news. It is only through collaboration that we will ensure that our industry’s use of this ground-breaking technology is positive.”

Pete-Wallace-gumgumPete Wallace, GM EMEA, GumGum

“A coordinated policy approach to the deployment of artificial intelligence in advertising, recognising the need to establish ethical safeguards and develop industry guidelines, is wise.

“We hope such moves continue to recognise the tremendous potential of new technologies to accelerate human creativity and innovation as we continue in this uncharted territory.”

“The Taskforce aims to help to define policy, safeguarding and guidelines and an industry-wide coordinated approach to policy, ethical safeguards and guidelines is no bad thing.

“It is wise to work hand in hand with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) where appropriate to ensure the use of AI in advertising campaigns is transparent, decent, and truthful.

“This is an ambitious exercise. As technology develops and AI becomes increasingly more present in the industry’s processes, the Taskforce will also explore potential gains not only for the industry but also the country.”