A2V by VideoByte partners with Publica for unique audio-to-video offer

a2v videobyte and publica

A new partnership between VideoByte and Publica  aims to create an audio-to-video solution for Publica publishers who want to enable a unique source of demand never before possible within the firm. 

The announcement comes just weeks after VideoByte launched A2V, a technology that seamlessly delivers audio ads into CTV (Connected TV). 


A2V allows Publica the opportunity to open an entirely new and unique demand offering to its publishers.

“It is a serendipitous partnership,” said Benjamin Antier, co-founder and CEO of Publica. 

“VideoByte’s technology presents the opportunity to offer more to our customers, not just with revenue, but also with unique and diversified ads. 

“With our focus on technology first, VideoByte has tapped into a different market for publishers and we wanted to be one of their first partners to expand the options we provide.”

In order to provide differentiation in the market, the ability to deliver audio ads into CTV is a new concept that drives new and unique inventory for both publishers and advertisers. 

Currently, ad frequency is a problem in the CTV viewing experience, with the same ad running multiple times or with just a slate in the foreground. 

VideoByte and Publica are layering their technologies to combat this issue by increasing the overall demand available to CTV publishers.

“The VideoByte team is proud to partner with Publica on this mutual investment in the CTV product marketplace,” said Nicholas Frazee, CRO of VideoByte. 

“A2V is another win in our shared mission to build value in the video ecosystem.” David Naffis, CEO of VideoByte added. 

“We saw a need in the market for this technology and are extremely excited to be partnering with Publica, bringing a deeper opportunity for revenue and ad diversity to the CTV space.”

The partnership enables audio advertisers to reach CTV viewers in a medium that has never before been available within Publica. 

This increases the programmatic demand available and helps reach a highly-targeted demographic. 

Both VideoByte and Publica are leading the way as CTV continues to expand due to the rise in demand for addressable programmatic inventory on the big screen.