“A moving power”: Kia EV3 global campaign by Innocean Berlin launched


For the global launch of its new Kia EV3, Kia takes us on an epic ride around the world to demonstrate how the brand’s latest all-electric compact EV SUV has the power to move everyone into the EV era.

Together with multi award-winning director duo Jungle, DoP Pierre de Kerchove, Tony Petersen Films, and Innocean Berlin, Kia solidifies its position as a game-changing force in electric mobility.

By democratising access to cutting-edge technologies beyond its tier, Kia empowers millions to join the EV movement.

Kia EV3 campaign

In the “A moving power” campaign’s hero film, what begins as a drive in a bustling Asian city unfolds into a global adventure.

Through clever editing match-cut techniques, director duo Jungle crafts a film that seamlessly transitions between diverse scenes, each showcasing the lives and captivating moments of people from around the world.

Despite the varied stories, there’s a common thread running through them all: the Kia EV3, a vehicle of progress and a promise of accelerating electrification for many.

Shot entirely in South Africa, the film skilfully presents the Kia EV3 in a variety of global settings.

Elevating the already exceptional set design and photography, the post-production company Katalyst masterfully accentuated the distinctions between these locations, raising the craft to new heights.

London-based music production company Leland has orchestrated a captivating soundtrack that, coupled with stunning visuals, transports viewers on this enchanting voyage.

In addition to the hero film, the campaign includes three product films that focus on the tech features Vehicle-to-load, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and, last but not least, Kia AI Assistant, which makes its debut in the Kia EV3, dramatically improving the driving experience by providing customers with in-vehicle artificial intelligence services.

About the campaign rationale concept and striking visuals technique, Gabriel Mattar, European CCO of Innocean Worldwide, said: “The Kia EV3 brings Kia’s elevated electric SUV experience to the compact EV SUV sector, with immense potential to transform the global perspective of electric mobility.

“Through this campaign and its remarkable editing work, we illustrate the effortless and straightforward transition to electric vehicles, showing the Kia EV3 as a link between different corners of the globe.”

Chang Sung Ryu, Senior Vice President of Kia Global Brand & CX division, said: “With ground-breaking design, an industry-leading electric drivetrain and practical, innovative lifestyle solutions, the Kia EV3 is more than ready to give everyone access to the latest EV technology.

“It will reassure those who may have been hesitant to switch to electric mobility and drive the mass adoption of EVs.

“In short, it’s a car that will revolutionise the electric vehicle landscape worldwide, and that is exactly what this Innocean Berlin campaign beautifully demonstrates.”

The campaign will air in Korea and Europe.