1plusX signs first-party data partnership with Italiaonline

italiaonline 1plusx

Swiss data management platform 1plusX has announced partnership with Italiaonline, the leading digital media group in Italy. 

With a wide range of digital solutions, Italiaonline can build and boost the digital presence of thousands of brands while also empowering its clients to achieve better digital results. 

Last year, it sought to enhance its offerings to clients by enriching its first-party data assets, which has led to the collaboration with 1plusX.


According to Domenico Pascuzzi, Marketing Director Publishing at Italiaonline: “Data will play a significant role in the next-generation Media and Advertising ecosystem. 

“This is why publishers should rethink media in a data-driven way, upgrading MarTech/AdTech platforms, processes, and mindset. Italiaonline has a strong positioning and coverage in the Italian market when we talk about first-party data.

“Our data stack comprises audience segmentation according to a wide range of analysis dimensions, look-alike modelling, prediction and propensity insights, semantic targeting, and audience addressability at scale based on people-based IDs. 

“We leverage data to engage our customers and build strong relationships with them. In addition, we use our data to boost the performance and effectiveness of our clients’ advertising campaigns. 

“Data will offer a more competitive advantage in the media landscape as they will enable new use-cases at scale.”

An AI-based DMP for ID-Management, Contextual and Interest-based Targeting

Recent developments in the advertising landscape, such as the deprecation of third-party cookies, have created a shift towards first-party data strategies. 

To take better advantage of this trend, the company looked for technology to unlock the usage of their first-party data and ID management.

1plusX offers a proprietary predictive analytics platform powered by advanced AI technology. 

It enables media companies and advertisers in Europe, the US, and Asia to transform data from various touch points into flexible and powerful segments. 

Currently, Italiaonline has created audiences with up to 70-75 attributes while keeping enough reach, showcasing the complexity and sophistication of 1plusX’s targeting capabilities. 

In addition, the company can create custom attributes and find an audience or contextual environment based on custom events with its data enrichment capabilities.

This approach allows Italiaonline to use its first-party data and scale its audiences while building trust and loyalty with its customers thanks to its privacy compliance.

Bastien Faletto, Director Sales SEMEA at 1plusX, said: “Italiaonline has great digital assets, numerous verticals, a large part of logged audiences, and a very experienced team. 

“The synergies between them and our adaptive and hybrid technology are great. We’re thrilled to support them achieve a successful data strategy.”